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UPDATE: Autopsies completed on victims of recent cases Print E-mail

On Tuesday, January 14, 2019, Autopsies were conducted on the bodies of recent cases. Autopsies were conducted by Dr. Rachel Lange who flew in from Hawaii, Dr. Lange has been a medical examiner for ten (10) years, and previously conducted her practice in New York. 

Update on the December 13, 2019, case of two (2) females found unresponsive at San Antonio, Saipan. Dr. Lange has confirmed that the cause of death was due to a gunshot on both victims, ruling it as a homicide. The bodies of the victims will be released back to the family, pending their arrival back on the island.

Update on the November 25, 2019, case of a decomposed body found near Bird Island, Marpi. Dr. Lange classified the cause of death as undetermined, due to the advanced state of decomposition. Dr. Lange did indicate that the victim did have a fractured clavicle  and several fractured rib bones on his right side, which are consistent injuries of a fall. It was also indicated that the victim’s body was in the water for sometime. The identity of the victim is still unknown as there are no missing person reports and no dental or medical records available to be compared to. Although, an X-ray of the victim’s teeth and DNA have been documented, should any records be shared for comparison in the future.

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