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Jose M. Sablan Building
Caller Box 10007
Susupe, Saipan MP 96950


All statistical inquiries or comments, please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
All non-confidential information or inquiries for the Department of Public Safety's Commissioner, please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Emergency 911
DPS Operator (Daily Schedule Only) 670-664-9000
24 Hours Operations Center 670-664-9001/2
24 Hours Operations FAX 670-664-TBA
Crime Stoppers Hotline 670-234-7272 (PARA)

Commissioner's Office

Main Office 670-664-9022
Public Information Officer 670-664-9035
Sex Offender Registry/Crime Stoppers Office 670-664-9026
Communications & Technology Section (CATS) 670-664-9035
Training & Professional Development 670-664-9095
Internal Affairs Unit 670-664-9097
Fleet & Facilities 670-664-9017
Legislative Liaison 670-664-9006
Commissioner’s Office FAX 670-664-9027
Legal Counsel 670-664-9023

Fiscal Affairs Section

Officer in Charge 670- 664-9088
Payroll and Timekeeping 670-664-9016
Human Resources 670-664-9024
Purchasing 670-664-9011
Highway Safety Grants 670-664-9121/2
Motor Carrier Grants 670-664-9129
Justice Grants 670-664-9120/9127
Boating Safety Grants 670-664-9016
Fiscal Affairs FAX 670-664-9019

Division of Motor Vehicles

Director of Motor Vehicle 670-664-9070
Driver’s License 670-664-9066
Vehicle Registration 670-664-9068/9
Motor Vehicle FAX 670-664-9067
Records & Identification 670-664-9072/3
Records Section FAX 670-664-9075

Police Division

Police Commander 670-664-9132
Patrol Section 670-664-9030
Traffic Section 670-664-9084/5
Traffice Section Fax 670-664-9086
Armory Section 670-664-9031
Boating Safety Section 670-664-9180/82
Boating Safety Section FAX 670-664-9186
Community Policing KOBAN Section 670-664-9008
Summons & Warrant Section (SWAS) 670-664-9013
Tactical Response Enforcement Team (TRET) 670-664-9007

Fire Division

Director of Fire 670-664-9140
Operations Commander 670-664-9137
Emergency Medical Service (EMS) 670-664-9135/6
EMS FAX 670-664-9015
Fire Logistics 664-9017
Station I, Susupe Village 670-664-9003/4
Susupe Station FAX 670-664-9009
Station II, Garapan Village 670-664-9076
Garapan Station FAX 670-664-9015
Station III, Capitol Hill Wildland Fire Section 670-664-9032
Station IV, Koblerville Village 670-664-9083
Station V, Kagman Village 670-664-9025
Station VI, San Roque 670-664-9020
Prevention & Investigation 670-664-9116

Criminal Investigation Division

Main Office Line 670-664-9042
Criminal Investigation FAX 670-664-9051
Commander, Criminal Investigation 670-664-9039
Operations Supervisor 670-664-9050
Crime Scene Investigation 670-664-9040
Evidence and Property Custody Unit 670-664-9041
Juvenile Crime 670-664-9100
Violent Crimes 670-664-9055
Thief Apprehension Select Coalition (TASC) 670-664-9045
Domestic Violence 670-664-4582/3/4
CNMI DEA Task Force 670-236-2929
DEA Task Force FAX 670-236-2932
FBI/CNMI Task Force 670-322-6934/5

DPS Tinian

Resident Director 670-483-7383
24 Hours Operations 670-433-9222
Police Operations 670-433-9225
Fire Section 670-433-9030/0476
Traffic Section 670-433-2041
Criminal Investigation Section 670-433-0086
Motor Vehicle Section 670-433-0969
Motor Vehicle FAX 670-433-2391
Administration 670-433-7384
Tinian DPS FAX 670-433-7385

Mailing Address

CNMI Department of Public Safety (Saipan)
Jose M. Sablan Bldg.
P.O. Box 500791
Civic Center, Susupe
Saipan, MP 96950
Rota Department of Public Safety
P.O. Box 917
Rota, MP 96950
Tinian Department of Public Safety
P.O. Box 911
Tinian, MP 96950

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