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CNMI Highway Safety Programs
Mission Statement:

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) Department of Public Safety, Fiscal Affairs Section (FAS) handles federal programs. One of the programs within FAS is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration whose mission is to save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce vehicle-related crashes.

About Us:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides leadership and technical assistance for the CNMI Department of Public Safety’s highway safety programs. NHTSA develops the Highway Safety Plan for spending federal dollars. It coordinates the creation of the State’s Performance Plan for highway safety and oversees and implements Section 402 of the Highway Safety Act, which provides financial and technical assistance to States to stimulate the development of highway safety projects at the state and local level.

The CNMI highway safety programs are to conduct assessments, develop plans relating to motorists safety, driving under the influence (DUI), aggressive driver interdiction program (ADIP), selective traffic law enforcement (STLE), occupant protection, investigation enhancements, highway-related crimes occurring on the CNMI roadways and highways, and support the department’s police traffic services.

In addition, such programs are responsible for the development of the CNMI Highway Safety Plan (HSP) focusing on crime deterrence, injury/fatality prevention, drugged and drunk driving prevention, emergency medical services, police traffic services, occupant protection and child restraint and other highway safety related issues.

To reach its goal, NHTSA collaborates with other government agencies, such as the Department of Public Works and CNMI Superior Court, the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, and various health clinics on Saipan, Tinian and Rota. In addition, NHTSA works closely with private businesses and non-profit organizations in assisting us in our annual highway safety awareness campaigns; for example, Click It or Ticket Mobilization, Impaired Driving Mobilization, Child Passenger Safety Week, and Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention.

As part of NHTSA, the Child Restraint Purchase Assistance Program (Coupon Program) is offered to the community for the purpose of increasing the CNMI’s seat belt and child restraint usage rate among motor occupants and boosting pubic awareness of seat belt usage for both adults and children. The program provides a $75.00 coupon for qualified applicants. The following are requirements to qualify for the program:

  • Child must be born in the CNMI
  • Copies of the following documents:
  • Parent Identification (Passport / Drivers License)
  • Child Birth Certificate
  • Car Registration
  • Car Seat Price Quotation from Liberty Plaza/YCO Corporation, Joeten Department Store, Susupe, or Ace Hardware, Gualo Rai

For more information, please call the DPS, Fiscal Affairs Section at 664-9121/2 or visit www.nhtsa.gov.
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