Ride Along Program Print
Community RelationsThe CNMI Department of Public Safety allows members of the community to ride in a vehicle or vessel assigned to the Department and to accompany a member, or members, of the Department during the performance of their duties for the purpose of learning more about a specific division/section/unit.

Before participating in the program, the applicant(s) must read and understand the guidelines of the program as well as sign the following documents:

1. FormApplication Form
2. Agreement Assuming Risk of Injury and Damage: Waiver and Release of Claims and Indemnity FormAgreement Form.
3. Confidentiality Agreement Form: Waiver and Release of Claims and IndemnityFormAgreement Form.
4. Ride Along Program FormGuidelines.

All applicants must be approved by the Commissioner prior to taking part in the program. Once approved, the participant(s) will be linked to the division/section that he/she wishes to accompany.

Forms and guideline can be downloaded by clinking on the above links. A PDF document reader is required to view the forms. You can download one from here.
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