Fiscal Affairs Section (FAS) Structure and Functions Print
FAS Officer-In-Charge: Chief Francis S. Taimanao
Office Manager: Margaret DLG. Camacho/NHTSA Grants
Human Resources: Rose C. Dela Cruz
Payroll/Timekeeper: Norma A. Nestor
Purchasing: Linda B. Babauta
Clerk: Cynthia Attao
Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program Grants: Carlyn DLG. Hofschneider
Bureau of Justice Assistance Grants: Kay A. Inos and Lupe Repeki
State Fire Assistance Program Grants: Anthony R. Babauta
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Leonardo T. Duenas


Officer-In-Charge: Maintains overall supervision and administration of FAS.

Office Manager: Supervises administrative staff and certifies fiscal transactions for the Department of Public Safety.

Human Resources: Coordinates employment and advancement opportunities, certification, screening and recruitment of applicants, as well as advises on changes of personnel status, processing of employment contracts and personnel action.

Payroll/Timekeeper: Responsible for compilation and certification of personnel time, attendance, and work hours.

Purchasing: Responsible for the preparation and acquisition of departmental resource needs.

Clerk: Assist with administrative tasks within the office, such as filing and correspondences.


Federal Programs

The Fiscal Affairs Section is additionally tasked in the development, coordination, and implementation of various Federal programs awarded to the department. The department has been fortunate to have received numerous federal financial assistance to enhance individual programs within the department to include grant-funded employees under the department.

The department had been working diligently with the U.S. Department of Transportation-National Traffic Safety Administration and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to develop and implement traffic records, safer highways and roadways, the U.S. Department of Justice – Justice Assistance Grants (formerly Block Grants) to enhance crime prevention, public safety and deterrence efforts, the U.S. Coast Guard to enhance Recreational Boating Safety, the U.S. Department of Agriculture – U.S. Forest Service to enhance Rural Fire Protection and Prevention and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to enhance border security and CBRNE/WMD response.

The department continues to work with all grantor agencies to continue achieving the Mission of the department. Without the financial support and guidance from the grantor agencies, it would have been impossible to continue implementing these critical public safety programs.


Mission Statements: (please click the link below to view the mission statement)

Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program Mission

Bureau of Justice Assistance Program Mission

State Fire Assistance Program Mission

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Mission

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