Summons and Warrant Apprehension Section Print

The Summons and Warrant Apprehension Section (SWAS) of the Department of Public Safety is responsible for the enforcement of all orders issued by the CNMI Superior Court. Mandated by law, the SWAS serves as the central coordinating and responsible entity for all service of process responsibility with Summons & Warrant Apprehensionthe CNMI Superior Court in the Department of Public Safety. The CNMI Superior Court issues close to one thousand five hundred (1,500) jury summonses annually to be served to prospective jurors. These summonses are not inclusive of other summonses that may be issued as a result of civil or criminal cases where witnesses are ordered to appear. Additionally, with the SWAS are over twelve thousand (12,000) pending bench and arrest warrants that need to be executed. These warrants were issued as a result of traffic, civil actions, small claims, and criminal cases that were brought before the CNMI Superior Court.

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