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Drug Enforcement The CNMI Drug Enforcement Task Force (DETF) is a DPS-led initiative that combines personnel, intelligence, logistics, and resources from the DPS Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and the Department of Finance Division of Customs (Customs) to target domestic and international narcotics traffickers throughout the CNMI. Through its investigation, the DETF strives to reduce the availability of illegal drugs, such as methamphetamine, marijuana, illegally diverted prescription medications and other controlled substances in the CNMI. The Task Force also strives to increase the public’s safety by arresting and prosecuting the narcotics traffickers whose actions contribute to drug addiction, which leads to increased levels of street violence, family violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and property crime. The DETF also works closely with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) CNMI Drug Task Force to bring Federal prosecutions against international narcotics traffickers who are supplying the CNMI from outside the DPS’s jurisdictional reach.

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