Juvenile Crime and Delinquency Unit Print

The Juvenile Crimes and Delinquency Unit provides two types of services:


  1. Victims Services:  services provided, as mandated by Public Law 12-82, to minors (under the age of 18) who have been sexually, physically, and/or mentally abused.
  2. Delinquents / Offenders Services: services provided to minors who have committed crimes as listed under Title IV of the Commonwealth Criminal Code.


The duty of the investigator in charge of this unit is to review complaints reported to the Department of Public Safety, Department of Youth Services and/or any other means that such cases are reported.  After the complaint reports are received and reviewed, follow up investigations begin, which involve the investigator interviewing the victims, witnesses, offenders, and/or any experts, such as a medical physician, social worker or counselor to obtain important information pertaining to the case.  An arrest warrant may be required to apprehend the offender to such cases.  A search warrant may also be required to collect and secure any possible evidence.


Upon completion of the investigation, the case file and it’s entirety is then reviewed by the unit's officer in charge before forwarding the case to the Office of the Attorney General for final disposition.

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