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The Boating Safety Section undBoating-Safety-New-Logoer the Department of Public Safety is responsible for responding to any water related incidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Such incidents include drowning, near drowning, missing divers/fishermen, overdue divers/fishermen, boat accidents, Jet Ski accidents, capsized vessels, distressed vessels, etc.

Boating Safety officers are charged with patrolling our island beaches and tourist sites to ensure a safe environment for tourists and community members. We conduct random swimming pool inspections at all hotels to ensure a safe swimming environment for hotel guests as well as make certain that all lifeguards are certified. Safety equipment inspections on all registered vessels (boat/Jet ski) in the CNMI are also conducted. Lagoon and Jet Ski enforcement are executed within the CNMI waters and beach concession stands not only educate but also deter violators of our Local Law and Federal Rules and Regulations.

The Boating Safety Section actively assists other government and federal agencies, such as the U.S. Coast Guard, with water related Boating Safety Personnelprojects or activities for the purpose of educating the general public and deterring and preventing violators of the Law.

In addition, we..

  • Provide waterline security for military ships docking in Saipan.
  • Assist with water sports activities (e.g. swimming competitions, fishing derbies, regattas and watercraft tournaments).
  • Provide public education to private and public schools and to the United States Boys Scouts of America on water safety tips and being Aqua Smart.
  • Provide public awareness on hazardous surf warnings and tropical storms or typhoons.
  • Conduct investigations on water related incidents, write reports, and issue citations to violators of the CNMI Laws and Federal Rules & Regulations.
  • Assist other sections within the Department of Public Safety in other related duties as police officers of the CNMI.
  • Aid our neighboring islands of Tinian and Rota in any water related incidents and activities.
  • Participate in annual search and rescue exercises with the Guam US Coast Guard.

Our Qualifications

Our Boating Safety Officers are certified Maritime Law Enforcement National Boating Safety Instructors, certified divers from the National Association of Underwater Instructors, and certified under the United States Department of Homeland Security Emergency Management Institute.

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