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Patrol Section

The Patrol Section of the Rota Department of Public Safety is composed of four shifts. They are responsible for conducting criminal patrols and answering public complaints. A sergeant commands each shift. They are responsible for the general supervision, accountability, instructions, and control of personnel assigned under them. They are also charged with coordinating with law enforcement and other agencies when their assistance is needed. They additionally respond to incidents to supervise and guide the police officers under their command.

The Officers under the Patrol Section work in partnership with other specialized units and programs within the department, such as the Traffic Section, Boating Safety Section, and the Criminal Investigation Division, and with various law enforcement and social service agencies to deliver high quality service to the community. These partnerships and networking are vital because patrol officers are the first responders to all emergency calls; if an incident that requires other sections or agencies’ help and expertise, patrol officers would make the proper call for assistance.

Traffic Section

The Traffic Section in Rota is comprised of three operating units: Selective Traffic Law Enforcement (STLE)/Motor Unit, Driving Under the Influence of alcohol (DUI) enforcement unit, and the Traffic Investigation Unit. It has also taken major steps towards community oriented policing strategies. The Traffic Section has also forged a bond with the local community through its implementation of various traffic programs and projects.

Selective Traffic Law Enforcement (STLE)/Motor Unit

The Selective Traffic Law Enforcement (STLE)/Motor Unit is tasked with enforcing the traffic laws of the Commonwealth. Officers assigned to the Traffic Section are well versed with the traffic laws and aim to ensure that the motoring public is traveling safely on the highways of Rota. The STLE/Motor Unit is equipped with two Kawasaki 650cc on/off-road motorcycles to monitor the highways. The motorcycles are also used in conducting traffic enforcement during various events, such as parades, motorcades and races. These on/off-road style motorcycles are ideal for the island’s terrain. The unit moreover assists the Patrol Section with its various duties and responsibilities.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Enforcement Unit

The Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Enforcement Unit is tasked with detecting, deterring and apprehending impaired drivers on the public highways of the island. Officers assigned to the unit are well trained in detecting impaired drivers and conducting various tests to determine if a driver is potentially driving under the influence of alcohol. The island of Rota boasts about having one of the CNMI’s two certified breathalyzer machine instructors. The island’s instructor is a factory certified instructor from the Intoximeter Corporation.

Other than enforcing the laws on impaired driving, the unit is also tasked with educating the public on the dangers of impaired driving. The unit has implemented numerous programs to enhance the education and awareness of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Traffic Investigation Unit (TIU)

Much like their counterparts in Saipan and Tinian, the Traffic Investigation Unit (TIU)
officers in Rota are highly trained in traffic investigation. Their main task is to investigate traffic crashes. They are trained to reconstruct traffic crashes and determine the cause of the crash and any other factors that may have contributed to the crash. Traffic investigators take scene photographs, measurements, gather and interpret evidence. They then deduce their findings to determine what caused the crash.

In an effort to increase safety on the roadways, traffic investigators have gone out to the public to educate motorists and to assist them in becoming defensive drivers.

Public Outreach Program/Community Oriented Policing

The Traffic Section has taken an active stance in becoming more community oriented. They have started a number of programs aimed at increasing awareness and forging a bond with the community they work for. They have found that by having a more community-based approach, they are increasing safety and passing traffic safety messages in a more efficient manner.

The Traffic Section is also tasked with carrying out a number of federal programs funded by the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA). These programs are aimed at increasing education, awareness, and enforcement efforts in the community. Their goal is to reduce the number of traffic fatalities and traffic crash related injuries.

An example of these programs is the Click It or Ticket (CIOT) Mobilization. During this program, traffic officers go out to schools, ethnic and religious groups and conduct education and awareness programs to increase the use of seatbelts while traveling in a motor vehicle. The program starts with officers conducting a seatbelt usage survey. This survey indicates the percentage of drivers and passengers whom are traveling on the highways wearing seatbelts. They then take this data and aim at increasing the percentage of properly restrained occupants by the end of the program. The section has conducted an open house and educational symposium for the community.

Another example of these programs is the Child Restraint Safety Program. This program aims at increasing the number of properly restrained children under the age of 12. Children under the age of 12 should be secured in a proper child restraint while traveling in a motor vehicle. Child restraints greatly reduce the risk of injury for children in motor vehicle crashes. There are currently two certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians to assist the public in child restraint needs on the island. These technicians are certified by the Safekids Worldwide Organization and assist caregivers in inspecting and installing child restraints properly. They also educate them in the proper installation, care and use of child restraints.

Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Rota Department of the Public Safety is tasked with investigating any and all criminal violations reported. The CID has specialized units of investigations to include other non-investigative unit.

General Crimes Unit

This unit is classified into two sub-categories of which a variety of crimes have been committed. They are Crimes against Property and Crimes against Persons.

Domestic Violence Unit (DVU)

This unit focuses mainly on crimes committed by a family member(s), and partners or ex-partners who attempt to physically and psychologically dominate the other. Domestic violence often refers to spousal abuse or violence between spouses but can also include abuse between co-habitant and non-married intimate partners.

Juvenile Police Unit

This unit investigates crimes being committed by person under the age of 18 years, which are classified as minors.

Sex Offender Registry Unit

This unit handles and monitors persons convicted of a sexual crime. These people are registered as sexual offenders.


This unit handles the inventory of all department firearms.

CID Rota has four personnel tasked for the above units and is headed by an Officer-In-Charge. The personnel are a follows:

Sgt. Eusebio M. Manglona         Officer-In-Charge
Sgt. Jonathan DLC. Garces        Operations Supervisor/Armory/Sexual Offender Registry
PO2 George A Barcinas             Juvenile Police Unit/General Crimes Unit
PO1 Francis B. Manglona          Domestic Violence Unit/General Crimes Unit

Office telephone number at (670)532-9527 and fax number (670)532-9529.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 January 2009 16:10
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